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"Milestone C is not just an engineering and aviation program, it is much more than that.  It's setup to inspire young individuals.  In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical about engineering careers, but now I am looking into the engineering aspect of healthcare.  Thank you for thinking that I have a lot of potential in this career.  I am going to have to rewrite my life plan, and this time include biomedical engineering. :-) Thank you is not enough!"
"I looked at the pictures in this Yelp page, and the memories came flooding back. Great memories. Being from what I believe is the first official Milestone C class, I had an amazing time. I feel like I learned a ton about aviation, but it didn't seem like it. And by that I mean it was REALLY fun. I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in learning about flight, teamwork, and the cool stuff they really don't touch on in school. I found the program engaging, interesting, and even a bit fascinating. This program has produced a multitude of follow-up google searches about the topics covered and inspired even more of a love for the sky than I have had already. Even being a new program it was professionally run, and not only was every instructor and helper professional and well suited, but the fellow students were generally greet people as well. I am happy to have been part of Milestone C, and would do it all over again. Even so, I feel like after just doing it once, I could help teach the thing because of the amount of information I absorbed. And that's always a good feeling when learning anything. Summed up in four words and three punctuation marks: Awesome, interesting, engaging fun."
"I honestly loved this program. It has definitely helped me and has the potential of helping many others.  It's fun and engaging, you meet lots of great people and learn useful skills that you WILL use in real life, in addition to gaining valuable hands-on experience.  Even the lectures are miles better and more interesting than any I've had in school before."
"My favorite part was everything!  There was not a moment during this camp when I was bored. You learn about planes and aerospace by hearing from guest speakers, flying simulators, and building drones."
"I never thought a summer program could be so much fun, and I honestly learned a lot and loved it! I just found it very interesting to see all of the different engineering careers.  I especially liked the guest speaker presentation on genetic sequencing.  I love biology and thought it was fascinating! Milestone C is a program that teaches the wonders of science, engineering, and aerospace!"
"The best way to spend your summer!  My favorite part was learning how to solder and building drones."
"What a great way to gain group skills and knowledge of aviation and engineering!  When [a guest speaker] spoke about her job in biomedical engineering, I found it very interesting.  I would like to work in that field!"
"Choosing a specific part of the program as my favorite is not possible for me.  From the science behind flight to the leadership & team-building simulation, to creating drones from nothing and flying them, I loved all of it! Milestone C is a great hands-on experience for those who have an interest in engineering and flight.  It is also a great way to experience engineering and see what fields would be best for our futures. Also, great instructors! You guys really nailed it with this program. I really appreciate everything you have done for me and hope to be a part of the program in the future."
"I have no suggestions on how this program could be improved.  It's very technology-based and hands-on.  You have got to cooperate with your teammates to make sure everything gets done -- and it's really a lot of fun!  It was great working with the instructors."
"It was an excellent program -- best possible to understand what real engineering work is like."
"A cool and great program about the physics and dynamics of airplanes.  They also teach you how to build, program and fly drones.  Loved it!"
"Learning why planes fly, building drones... Great overall experience!"
"Lots of fun, really hands-on, and you get to learn how to fly a plane on a simulator plus how to fly a drone!  I hope to see you guys again."
"A fun and great learning experience about aviation, engineering, and much more!"
"Being able to see our drone evolve was the best part.  Milestone C is a place where you can make friends fast, and have fun while working!"
"I have to say that I am very very satisfied with this program, learned a lot through out the program, and I really enjoy my time there. But, as to me there is still one little flaw I sensed during my time there, the team work is still an issue to quite a few people. What I suggest is to add a little more time for the groups to get along with each other. The lecture time is decent by the way.  Thank you!"
"All the hands-on parts were my favorite.  It was fun, best summer activity for two weeks!"

"A program to expand your intellectual boundaries, and a learning experience for all.   Thank you for keeping the program different, challenging, and interesting."